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We love what we do. And it shows.

Customer Testimonials


Swiftwx has set the standard for weather software.
That probably will never be matched.

Dan McMahan
Chillicothe, MO   

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with SwiftWx 2.6. This is undoubtedly the best weather tracking tool available to the average person. Thanks for all your hard work.

Rob Oster
Glen Burnie, MD   
It’s not too often we can buy a software program (at any price) and truly say its really worth the money - and more importantly - does what it says it will do.
SwiftWx is in a class all by itself. It runs right out of the box, and works flawlessly. Rory provides light speed answers to questions, and if there is a bug (I’ve only seen one), promptly has a patch for it.

The product performs as advertised. If you are a chaser or a weather enthusiast, the battery of features and tools found in SwiftWx has no peers. What Rory has done is taken numerous weather products and neatly put them into one program that gives the user the ability to overlay many products for the most complete graphical representation of severe weather to be found anywhere, except possibly at your local Weather Service office. The program is intuitive and written for ease of use. It provides you with everything you will need to anticipate and track severe weather.

I have used SwiftWx for several years, and made extensive use of it during the 2006 Chase season in the High Plains, with exceptional results. Without SwiftWx, we could not have anticipated many of the SuperCells and resulting tornadoes we chased.

The reason why SwiftWx is such an outstanding program is because Rory Groves is first a weather enthusiast and, secondly has the software programming expertise. When you combine the passion with the technical capability, you get a killer product, and make no mistake, this is a killer product!

If you want complete and accurate weather information that you can use without a Doctorate in Meteorology in near real time, SwiftWx should be your first choice.

Tony Amato, KR4UQ
Virginia RACES State Emergency Radio Officer
NWS SKYWARN Spotter Since 1992
Thanks Rory. Those testimonials on your site were right, you are awesome with the support of this product.

Mr. Groves,

I have searched the internet for a program like this, and had a lot of disappointments, but Swift WX is definately the program that I have finally found satisfies my needs. Swift WX is the BEST WEATHER TRACKING PROGRAM available to date!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Jake A. Wheat
What a day Rory! 

SwiftWX allowed me to stay close, but totally safe to some really nasty cells. I think I had 4 or 5 videos aired on my TV station and I never would have been able to get close enough to do that without SwiftWx. 

I absolutely LOVE my SwiftWx 2.5 and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a great weather program.

Fred Williams
Storm Chaser
KTUL-Channel 8 Tulsa Oklahoma

One other thing that I appreciate above all else, is that you appear to genuinely care what your users think, and that you are sincerely putting your best foot forward to put out the best product you can. There are a lot of other software developers that I have had to deal with that could take a page or two out of your book and put it to good use. Its really nice to know that you can talk to someone on a personal level to get answers to your questions and concerns. Again, thank you very much for responding to my concerns.

Take Care,
Rick Newton
Hillsboro, MO
I just want to take the time, again, to say thank you. I have been dedicated for years in Storm Spotting, and have spent a fortune doing so. So when someone comes along that is willing to make things easier for me, it really makes me happy. So, I appreciate everything that you are doing for tis cause, including the mere designing of SwiftWX.

Thanks Again!
Marshall Gilstrap
SWIFT is the tool which has consistently put us on the storm of the day, and most importantly, kept us on it. It doesn't matter if it is a bow echo in Montana or a tornado in Minnesota. We know SWIFT is going to make it a great chase..

Bill (and Cullen) Doms
Storm Tracker 
KMSP Channel 9 Minneapolis
Thanks, Rory! This is WONDERFUL, and just in time for my local storm season!

Best regards,
Superb "service after the sale" with this software. Rory was on top of my emails within twenty minutes on a SUNDAY afternoon when I was bumbling around with the program; things are now slicker than a hail stone here.

Congrats on a terrific product.

James T. Lee
Saint Paul MN
SwiftWX is by far one of the best weather products on the market and as I mentioned very affordable. I guarantee you will be thoroughly impressed with the software when you load it. Just visit their website at and see for yourself. You’ll get a first hand account of Rory and the software. Enjoy. Oh and by the way, it also predicts winter weather also.

1st. Lt. Chad W Howard
Just want to thank your crew for making a great program better. It takes a lot of work to get it right and 2.5 is fabulous.

Hey Rory, 

This new program has improved my storm chasing positions like no other tool I have. You can't imagine how important this is for someone who is a television chaser!

Hank Brown
KWTV Channel 9 Oklahoma   
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