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Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions: More frequently asked questions:

Where is my Product Key?

For Trial Versions, your product key is displayed on-screen and also e-mailed to you after confirming your request for a trial download.

Click here if you need us to re-send your trial key.

For Retail Versions, your product key is displayed on-screen after you complete your purchase and also sent by e-mailed. If you are paying by Electronic Funds Transfer, there may be a delay in processing.

If you have your Subscriber ID handy, you can look up your product key here.

I'm getting "Trial Period has Expired" when I try to activate.

This means that you have already tried and earlier version of SWIFT WX Professional. There have been many improvements since version 2.0, so we want you to try it out again as much as you do. Contact us and request an another two-week trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time, and do not need to go through us to do so. Just log on to your PayPal account and you may cancel the subscription from there.

Can I install SWIFT WX on more than one computer?

Yes, you can re-use the same Product Key on multiple computers. Product Activation will not prevent you from installing SWIFT WX  on more than one computer as long as you own each computer.  

Will SWIFT WX run on Mac OSX or Linux?

Sorry, no. Not unless you have a Windows emulator.

Do I need a GPS to use SWIFT WX?

No. GPS tracking is an optional feature.

What GPS models will work with SWIFT WX?

SWIFT WX will work with any NMEA-compliant GPS device.  Most GPS models are NMEA-compliant, including Delorme, Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan models. Review your product manual or manufacturer websites to determine if a certain GPS model is NMEA-compliant. Also, a data cable may be required to connect your GPS to your computer (unless you have a Bluetooth-enabled device).

What GPS model do you recommend?

A inexpensive but reliable device that I recommend is the Delorme Earthmate LT-20. You can pick it up in most electronic stores for around $100 or online at the Delorme Website.

Can SWIFT WX integrate with Delorme Street Atlas or Microsoft Streets and Trips?

No, SWIFT WX does not integrate with other mapping software. But you may import GIS mapping files of any of the following formats:

  • Bently MicroStation DGN (*.DGN)
  • AutoDesk Interchange File (*.DXF)
  • ESRI ArcInfo Export (*.E00)
  • ESRI Band Interleaved By Line (*.BIL)
  • ESRI Shapefile (*.SHP)
  • MapInfo Interchange Format (*.MIF)
  • MapInfo TAB (*.TAB)
  • TIFF/GeoTIFF Image (*.TIF/*.TIFF)
  • TIGER/Line File (*.RT2)
How can I add more detailed streets?

SWIFT WX includes a layer of Interstates and Major Highways, but you may add more detailed, county-level streets by importing GIS mapping files (see above FAQ for supported formats).

Click here to download Streets Importer Utility

Can I use other mapping programs (like Street Atlas) at the same time?

Yes, you can have both programs running at the same time. But a GPS device can only be used by a single application unless you have signal splitter. Signal splitters can be downloaded for free or a minimal price:

How do I download data while on the road?

Mobile data retrieval usually means a cell-phone Internet connection, and SWIFT WX will work with any Internet connection. Options for cellular Internet connections depend on your cellular provider, but most have options for around $50 per month.

Will SWIFT WX work with my Cell Phone/Cable Modem/DirecPC Internet Connection?

Yes. SWIFT WX will work with any valid Internet connection.

How do I animate maps?

Click View > Toolbars > Animation Toolbar to display the Animation controls. 

Each time you download the latest image, it will be appended to the animation frames. You must have at least 2 frames before you can animate.

NOTE: Animation can be very resource-intensive and is only recommended on faster computers (2.0 Ghz or better CPU).

How do I view higher-resolution Radar?

By default, SWIFT WX Professional loads composite, national radar when started. You may notice it gets block (or pixelated) when you zoom in closer. To view higher-resolution radar of a certain area, use the Map Catalog to select a site-level/city-level radar.

The Map Catalog is located behind the "Map Layers" window on the right-side of the screen. Click the tab at the bottom of this window named Map Catalog.

An animated video of this process is available in the Getting Started guide:

What does a white X with a line with dots indicate?

The X with the line and dots are called Storm Tracks. The X is where the storm center is, and the line is the direction it is moving. Each dot represents 15 minutes. If you click on the line or the X using the Select Tool, you can see the path of the storm displayed on screen with estimated times of arrival.

Error while activating: "ActiveX Component can't create object."

SWIFT WX uses an XML component that is installed by IE6 or later. If you do not want to install IE6, you may also download and install the XML component directly:

Click Here to Download XML Component 

Error while activating: "Object variable not set."

This usually means there is a firewall or antivirus program running that prevents the program from authenticating. Please temporarily disable such programs and try authenticating again.

If you continue to have problems, Contact Us.  

Error while starting:
"Run-time error '402' Must close or hide topmost modal from first"
, or "Run-Time Error '380' Invalid Property Value" 

This error affects some computers and is related to the Getting Started Tutorial screen that loads the first time you run the program. To disable this function, download the file below. Then extract and run the .REG file, then re-start SWIFT WX.

Click Here to download patch  

Error while downloading (26005): "[11004] Valid name, no data record (check DNS setup)"

Please check if you have any anti-virus programs running, such as Norton Anti-Virus. These programs can block standalone applications from accessing the internet.

"Run-time Error '91'" when setting up Position Tracking

This occurs when you are making changes to Position Tracking Settings but do not have the Position Tracking layer enabled. To correct this, check the box next to "Position Tracking" in the Map Layers window (upper-right of screen). Then you may proceed to edit your Position Tracking settings.

Note: This bug will be fixed in the next update 

I keep getting "Repositioned outside of image boundries" errors

This is caused by your computer's Regional and Language Options. The coordinate system in SWIFT WX Professional is based on the English/United States decimal system. If you live in another country than United States, you may experience this problem.

If you wish to test out the program, you may temporarily change your cultural settings by following these steps:

1. Click Start > Control Panel > Regional and Langauge Options
2. On the Regional Options tab (default) select English (United States)
3. Click OK
4. Reinstall SWIFT WX

I am having trouble running SWIFT WX Professional on Windows Vista

Some users of Micrsoft's Windows Vista have reported problems with the default installation of SWIFT WX Professional. What is causing the problems is related to User Accounts Control.

** You MUST have UAC (User Accounts Control) enabled in order to use SWIFT WX professional on Windos Vista OS **

If you have any difficulty, here are the exact steps to ensure SWIFT WX Professional will install corectly:

  1. Uninstall any existing installations of SWIFT WX Professional from your computer
  2. Turn on User Accounts Control (UAC) under Control Panel > User Accounts
  3. Reboot
  4. Install SWIFT WX Professional by Right-Clicking it, and selecting "Run As Administrator"
    (Click here if you need to re-download)

  5. Click here to download a Registry Patch to your computer
  6. Unzip the file VistaFixForRegistry.reg and execute it to apply the patch.
  7. Reboot
  8. Run SWIFT WX Professional from the Desktop Shortcut or from the Start Menu (Do NOT Run As Administrator)

If you continue to have problems, see this list of solutions:

If you continue to experience problems, please contact support.